We offer Sunday School at 9:00 AM. Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:00 AM. A full band leads us in singing and our preaching consists of expository sermons through books of the Bible. We also regularly celebrate the ordinances of baptism and communion.


We believe that children learn from the earliest of stages about God, love, and faith. From nursery care to 6th grade, we partner with parents in sharing God's love with young hearts through age-appropriate activities and lessons.


Pastor Brad Horner oversees Lakeside's Youth Group. Students from 7th - 12th grade are equipped for a life-long relationship with God through weekly gatherings to regular service projects, from mentoring relationships to dynamic retreats. Our weekly programming begins at 6:30 PM on Wednesdays.

small groups

Living life together is vital to help strengthen and equip every believer to live a consistent Christian life. We recognize life and schedules are busy and so we offer several opportunities throughout the week for Small Groups.

We have small groups for youth, young adults, young families, women, men, and intergenerational groups. 

For further information on how you can get plugged in email info@lakesidechristianchurch.org


Faith at Work is a ministry of Lakeside aiming to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged homeowners in our community through general maintenance and basic home repairs. We partner with homeowners in finding solutions to their repair needs. Contact us anytime - info@lakesidechristianchurch.org.

balki, Ukraine

The Sobie Family

Scott and Oksana Sobie serve in the Lighthouse ministry center in Balki, eastern Ukraine.  Oksana grew up in this land, and now Scott is the pastor of a village church and Oksana teaches the children and has a women’s ministry.  Most of their six children (David, Dasha, Diana, Dalina, Damara, and Daniel) play the hand chimes and sing as they visit churches and speak at conferences in a ministry of encouragement and teaching to the surrounding region.  Oksana homeschools the children and Scott is continuing to take Bible College ministerial courses by correspondence.  The entire family also ministers at a nearby nursing home.  

The political unrest and armed conflict in Ukraine, a few hours to the east of the Sobies’ village, has cast a heavy atmosphere over the people so the Sobie family has been partnering with other Ukrainian believers to reach out to the needs of refugees from the war zone and also to the spiritual needs of Ukrainian soldiers who are facing death and desperately in need of hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In addition to Scott’s trips to the front lines, Oksana and the children also minister at nearby military hospitals and an army base to bring the love of Christ.  

To sign up and receive their newsletters directly, e-mail thesobies@gmail.com.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Heartline Ministries

The mission of Heartline Ministries is to strengthen Haitian families and prevent children from becoming orphans through initiatives that empower Haitians with maternal and infant health care, education, vocational training, economic development, and Christian outreach.

Programs / Impact

Heartline serves over 2,000 Haitians each year in the capital city of Port au Prince, providing critical medical, educational, employment, and spiritual development opportunities that catalyze transformation in the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Motivated by the love of Jesus, Heartline serves Haitians who are materially poor, oppressed, and vulnerable through word and deed.

Orphan Prevention

Over 80 years of research confirms that children need families, not orphanages, to have strong beginnings and flourishing futures. Most Haitian parents who relinquish children to orphanages do not wish to do so, but believe they have no choice as a result of extreme poverty. They simply cannot provide for another child and use orphanages to access basic services like food and education, believing their child will have a better life.

Heartline prevents child orphanhood through a holistic approach that empowers parents with the opportunity to develop income generating skills, quality maternal care to survive pregnancy and birth, and support to provide for the high cost of educating children.

Maternal Health

Haiti has the highest rate of maternal and infant mortality in the Western Hemisphere. The Heartline Maternity Center works to prevent maternal and infant mortality by providing lifesaving and compassionate care, including prenatal medical care, labor and delivery services, postpartum care, child development education, and support for healthy child spacing for vulnerable women and girls.

Economic Empowerment

Low educational levels combined with a dismal economic landscape leave many Haitians trapped in the chronic cycle of poverty, unskilled and unemployed. The Heartline Women’s Education Center empowers women living at or below the poverty line with productive income-generating skills and literacy education to gain economic self-sufficiency and provide for their families. The Heartline Beltis Bakery provides vocational training and jobs to previously unemployed men.

Educating Children

The cost of education in Haiti is high. Forced to choose between meeting basic survival necessities and sending children to school, many families cannot afford the cost of education. The Heartline sponsorship program empowers children living in highly impoverished communities with quality education to develop to their full potential, dream beyond their circumstances, and experience the transformational love of God.

Prison and Hospital Outreach

The Heartline outreach team stands in solidarity with the hurting, ministering with hundreds of Haitians languishing in overcrowded prisons and hospitals each week. The team lovingly extends relationship to the lonely, feeds hungry people with bread baked at the Heartline bakery, and restores hope in places of despair.

Get Involved

Join us in changing the story in Haiti by building a brighter future for Haitian children and their families. Your support will provide vital opportunities that strengthen Haitian families and prevent children from becoming orphans.

Website: www.heartlineministries.org

Facebook: Facebook.com/heartlinehaiti

Twitter: Twitter.com/heartlinehaiti

Instagram: Instagram.com/heartlinehaiti

P.O. Box 898

Sunnyside, WA 98944